Who I am

Software Engineer

I am a Software Engineer, originally from France, now living in London, UK.

I currently work for CrowdStrike as the iOS Lead.

Volunteer and Volunteer Manager

I have been a volunteer with St John Ambulance since 2012, and with the London Ambulance Service since 2018. I provide First Aid at events for the former, and provide emergency treatment to people calling 999 for the latter.

As part of my St John Ambulance role, I manage a unit of volunteers that is 40 adults and 50 cadets strong, and am ultimately responsible for all matters relating to HR, training, safety, safeguarding, logistics, etc.

What I do


While I have worked on very different types of software (B2C iOS apps, video conference, cybersecurity), I have mostly worked in the Apple universe.

Whether macOS or iOS, I have become quite familiar with their internals, which means that for either platform, I am just as capable of writing a quality App as I am a very low-level tool.

Quality and Pragmatism

I strongly believe that spending time on writing quality software is a positive investment in the long term, which later allows spending more time building great features instead of spending endless hours fixing bugs.

I also believe that it is important to be pragmatic enough to understand the reality of deadlines, customer requests, shareholders/investors' expectations, or any other sort of external, non-software-based factors.

From the ideation/planning phase to the release of the product, I aim for quality first, but balance it with pragmatism in order to build the best product in the most realistic amount of time.

Up for Challenges and Adaptive

I choose my workplace based on the challenge that I believe it will bring. I do not settle for cosy nor easy. I look for projects or ideas that seem difficult or impossible, and aim to bring a result, no matter what technology needs to be used. I do not like failure and will not give up.

While my main area of expertise is the Apple platform, I am a fast learner and adapt very quickly. I understand that all tools have benefits and drawbacks, and therefore it is important to use the right tool for the right job.

Users First

Without users, there is no product. While software is a passion, I know it is important to keep in mind who the code is ultimately written for — the users.

Passion drives people, and I aim to write products that users are passionate about. That requires understanding the market, understanding what problems are being solved, constantly listening to and welcoming user feedback, amongst many other factors.

Software goes beyond the code, and it is important to build a product users connect with and trust. Being attentive and responsive (or pre-emptive!) to customers' needs, requests, or issues is a key component to successful software that I bring to all work I do.

Finding me


I live in London, and I am currently not looking to relocate.

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